Friday, November 6, 2009

Clickbank Affiliate? Check out the basics

Clickbank is an Affiliate Network that has several thousands of digital products on display for sale. The products are arranged in categories and with that you can choose which product you want to promote from your category of interest.

By the way, an affiliate is one who signs up for an affiliate program to promote other people's products and/or services for a commission. The commission can be up to 75% of sales. This is possible in the case of digital products because there is no need to keep inventories of physical products and so cost of stocking inventories is eliminated.

Now, as an affiliate with Clickbank, it can be a task deciding which particular product to promote out of the thousands on display. If you are able to learn the basics, making money from Clickbank and getting loads of cash into your bank account can be a breeze and this can be on autopilot. To get these basics, you will need a guide, someone who has suceeded in the business.

A full time Internet Marketer, Sunny Suggs, has put together a guide to getting started as a Clickbank affiliate. You will get complete screenshots of the whole process and other products and services that will make your lifestyle as a Clickbank affiliate a breeze.

You can get this guide for free along with some other bonuses at

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