Friday, March 13, 2009

The Fastest and Easiest Way To Start Making Money on the Internet

As people continue to face challenges during this lousy economy, we've been getting more and more questions from subscribers who want to know how they can start making money online FAST!
So we thought this would be a good time to revisit a topic we covered a few months ago: selling affiliate products.
Truth is, if you're looking to create an online income stream as fast as possible, then promoting affiliate products is definitely the way to go! As an affiliate, you don't have to worry about finding, purchasing, warehousing, or shipping stock to customers. Instead, you simply recommend other peoples' products in exchange for commissions!
All you have to do is attract traffic to your website, then send that traffic to your merchant's site.
When your traffic buys their product, money flows into your bank account!So what kind of income can you expect from your commission checks?Well, that depends on a few things. First, what affiliate program do you sign up with? Good merchants offer commissions of 20% to 50% of the profits on each unit sold. If they're only offering you a measly 5% to 10%, it's probably not worth your time......Because if you really want to make good affiliate money, it's going to take some work.We call affiliates who put in that extra little bit of work and make a LOT of extra cash "super affiliates." Super affiliates don't just put one link or banner ad on their site and then wait for something to happen -- super affiliates MAKE it happen!How YOU can become a super affiliate, and start earning MAXIMUM profits with your website:
Define a niche market, and target your affiliate products to that market. DON'T pick a product just because you think it looks cool... and DON'T cram your site with a virtual flea market of unrelated products! Find a hungry market, and sell them products they're likely to buy.
Build relationships and credibility with your site's visitors. You'll be waaaay more effective if your visitors trust and respect your opinions. That means you'll have to spend time engaging with your visitors. Regular emails, blog comments, and even social media sites are all simple, no-brainer ways to establish your expertise, build that credibility, and form those relationships.
Actively market your products. You can't just post a product plug and then expect profits. Actively marketing means that you're constantly looking for new ways to tweak your site's design or salescopy, or to engage with your visitors...... or even to scope out the competition and see what's working for them.
Create a content-rich, "sticky" website. Much as we'd like them to, people are just not going to sit still to listen to your pitch. You have to give them good reasons to stop by, so create content that's useful to them. Try newsletters, product reviews and comparisons, helpful tips, contests, quizzes, polls, and so on.The more good stuff you've got out there, the more likely people are to visit your website on a regular basis!
Constantly test your marketing strategies. Don't settle for a modest income - once you start getting those first sales, look for better ways to bring products to your site visitors' attention. Seek new ways to attract visitors to your site. And find more successful ways of converting those visitors into paying customers.
The good news it that it's EASY to become an affiliate...
... but as you've just seen, it's NOT as easy as some of the "experts" out there would have you believe. Like we said, you can't just put a simple link or banner for the product you're selling on your homepage and hope for the best.
You'll never make a PENNY that way!
Instead, you'll need to find a lucrative niche market filled with hungry buyers... get HOT-SELLING affiliate products that are perfect for your chosen market... write sizzling salescopy that converts your visitors into buyers... create a professional website designed to SELL... and drive endless streams of high-quality traffic to your site.
Sounds like a pretty tall order, right?
Fortunately, if you don't think you can do all of these things yourself (and you don't want to spend thousands of dollars hiring someone else to do it), there's a brand-new affiliate income system that does all of this for you!
The entire system is "wizard based," which means you just point and click to instantly find a lucrative market, locate your product, and build your website.
But even better, this system will write your salescopy for you, and help you get plenty of traffic.
So even if you don't have a website yet, or you consider yourself to be a complete computer "dummy," you could still be earning your first affiliate commission within just seven days!
If you'd like to learn more about it, just click here. To your success,
Derek Gehl and The Internet Marketing Center Team

Getting Repeat Customers

Many a time, as Internet Marketers, we get in touch with customers just once and that is it. After making sales the first time, we lose contact with the customer not taking into consideration that the same customer can be a repeat customer.

It is important to keep tab on your customers and continually get in touch with them even if you do not have any product to sell to them. This is a way of building a relationship with your customers and you are likely to make more sales in this way since people are likely to buy from their friends and you would be considered a friend when you constantly keep in touch with them.

You can go about doing this by getting the contact details of your first-time customers. This can be done through an autoresponder or you put a form on your website where your visitors can put in their names and email addresses which will be captured and stored.

Get back to your prospective customers as soon as possible if there is any question they need to get answer to and reply their request as soon as possible.

Develop a cordial relationship with your customers even after they have bought from you. You may have anything to sell to them, but give them useful advice and be interested in their welfare. This way, you will have a relationship with them and when you have any new product to sell, you can introduce it to them. Over time, they would have seen you as a trusted friend and would likely patronise you.

Make sure you have a way of collecting the names and email addresses of prospective customers.