Monday, August 25, 2008

Business Opportunities
The internet has become a powerful avenue for people to make money even while at home. They do not need to have a physical office structure to set up their own businesses. They do not even need to have their products to sell, but could sell other people's products and get significant commissions of up to 75%, especially for electronic products that do not need to be kept as inventories and thereby acquiring more costs.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs are programs you join for free and sell other people's products for commission. You get commission for every sale made through you. You can also make money if people subscribe to the service you are promoting. This can be a very lucrative business if you are able to generate a lot of sales or subscribers.

However, care needs to be taken in choosing the affiliate program to join. You need to check the commission to be paid, the effectiveness of the support team of the program, the promptness of their payment, the popularity or usefulness of their products inorder toensure that people will buy and some other things.

Below are some affiliate programs that you can join and make good money.

Strong Future International

Strong Future International, SFI, has a business opportunity that can be very lucrative. They have many products which you can sell both online and offline and get commission for the sales made. They provide free websites which they host for you, they provide free training to let you in on what to do, they also provide marketing tools free and many more to help you succeed in the business.

You can sign up for free through any of the following gateways:

Commission Junction

Commission Junction has a marketplace where advertisers, also known as merchants or retailers, and publishers, also known as affiliates, meet. The advertisers bring their products and/or services to the Commission Junction marketplace and the publishers get the links to promote these products and/or services on their website(s). They can also advertise the products and/or services in email campaigns or search engines. They are eventually paid commissions for sales made or if people subscribe to the service offered by the advertisers. They can even be rewarded if people fill out a form. There are even rewards for top performers. This is a great business opportunity.

ShareaSale was established in the year 2000 and currently has over 2000 merchants in its network. As an affiliate or reseller, you can choose the merchant you want to promote and you are paid a commission by shareasale on behalf of the merchant. collects the commission upfront from the merchants, so there is no delay in your payment. You are paid a single check as commission for all the sales you generate for the different merchants by


If you have a website or blog or you engage in email activities, you can partnet with the merchants in Linkshare and earn revenue. Linkshare has been a pioneer in online affiliate marketing since the year 1996. It has a very large pay-per-performance affiliate marketing that is run online. It is a trusted third party bringing together merchants and affiliates in a common place. Payments are sent monthly to affiliates. They also have affiliate tools and solutions that can enhance the performance of affiliates.


Clickbank is one of the largest affiliate programs in terms of products on display. Digital products are advertised here and affiliates can make as much as 75% on sales. This is possible since the merchants do not have to keep inventories of products. Many of the products are online. For instance, ebooks do not need to be kept as inventories, so the cost of keeping inventories is eliminated. They reward affiliates handsomely for generating the sales they, as merchants, would not have generated without them.

Other Affiliate Programs

There are so many other affiliate programs you can join and make a lot of money. Below are some sites where other affiliate programs you can join can be found.

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